04 May

Networking like the new generation?đŸ“Č

Do you think business cards are still a thing? Or let’s just exchange phone numbers & LinkedIn. đŸ€”

Selfie with juliet sierra at AERO friedrichshafen with Samy Kramer and Micke Lang

Connecting with the Aviation Creators Samy Kramer, Micke Lang and Sebastian Griener already happened a long time ago over Instagram DMs in the first place anyways. Seeing them in person, flying together or exchanging information online strengthened our connection without a business card. đŸ€™đŸŒ

So it depends on the situation and intentions I guess. A good business card leaves a professional first impression and will create a positive memory and I still wouldn’t want to miss mine at such events.

It was a joy to meet with fellow passionate aviation enthusiasts again in person after 2 years without AERO Friedrichshafen.
- see you soon! đŸŒŽâœˆïž

#networking #aviation #linkedin

Juliet sierra with clouddancers covers for gliders

Also a member of Team JS: It was a pleasure meeting Stefan Delfs from Clouddancers Covers!

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