03 Jan

Did you also consider buying a different glider than the ls4?

Where is yout homebase?

Is gliding your occupation or is it your passion?

How old are you?

How did you got into gliding?

Was getting a licensed glider pilot hard ?

how long did it take you to do your first solo?

do you think, that the pilot-beginner need to buy own IGC certified logger to record own cross-country flights?

What happend to the Libelle?

Are you getting neo winglets ?

How can I do the zero gravity in the air?

Would you classify gliding as a sport? I always struggle with this, when someone asks me, what sport am I doing...

Was it your first outlanding you have just described when Libelle got "kaputt"? How was your first outlanding?

Any plans to get a PPL?

What are your future plans with your glider?

Why didn't you want to be a pilot (airline) if you are reaaally interested in flying.

How much have you flown? and when did you start gliding?

Is the ILEC connected to the OV ?

Which programm do you use for your photo editing?

Are you in a relationship with Stefan?

Do you use an app when flying (which shows you your flown route, the weather, basically an alysis on your flight

Do you have an advice for "beginners"?

Do you have a winchdriver license?

How well did you get through the SPL-theory?

Ist es viel Arbeit die Papiere etc. für den eigenen Flieger zu bekommen bzw. was muss man alles beantragen?

I answered all these questions in person in my very first livestream on Youtube. 

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