11 Sep

Let‘s end the prejudice about steering an emergency square parachute.     

     "There is absolutely noooo way that I would ever go Skydiving!" 

At least that's what I used to say not a long time ago... But the impossible happened: Julia goes Skydiving. In the end I can definitely recommend the experience of skydiving just to get an impression of what it would feel like, if you ever had to exit your sailplane. So, if you are looking for new a setup: definitely go for a square parachute. I found the extremely simple handling and the advantages compared to a round parachute more than convincing. 

Thanks for making me jump out of a working plane Stefan Schöddert & Paratec Group!           


paretec parachute jump, wingman mini, paratec emergency parachute, juliet sierra, flyhy
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